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How to Care for Yourself After an Acupuncture Treatment

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Most acupuncturists will tell you need to take care of yourself after a session of acupuncture. This is because acupuncture causes your body to react in ways it is not used to reacting. Hence, taking care of yourself will allow your body to recover and heal in the best possible way after an acupuncture treatment.

As a leading acupuncture clinic in the Contra Costa County, our team of licensed clinicians at Monarch Acupuncture have compiled a list of the do and not dos after your acupuncture treatment.

Get Adequate Rest

Here, rest is not about sleeping or lying down. Rather, it is about not exerting yourself physically and mentally. By doing this, you will allow the emotional and physical energy surge that you experience after acupuncture to continue.

Use Heat on Acupoints

You may feel a little sore in the places where acupuncture needles were inserted. To get relief, apply a warm compress on the areas that are sore. Remember, acupuncture works to remove blockages and facilitate energy flow. Heat helps in this process and hastens the healing process.

Indulge in Light Exercise

You may feel energized after an acupuncture session. However, all Contra Costa County acupuncturists will tell you that right after a session, it is essential you do not overexert yourself. After an acupuncture treatment, opt for light exercises if you are a physically active person. Do not go for anything strenuous as it will be counterproductive.

Stay Away from Alcohol and Coffee

After acupuncture, the body will release toxins that need to be flushed out. Hence, drinking water is the key to eliminate toxins from the body. Both alcohol and coffee dehydrate the body, and they will not help in removing the toxins. Furthermore, alcohol tends to impair senses while coffee heightens them. If you consume these beverages, they can counteract the beneficial effects of acupuncture.

Consume Healing Foods

Be mindful of what you eat as acupuncture helps to remove toxins from the body. You do not want to consume foods that reintroduce the toxins. Instead, opt for whole, natural foods that have healing properties. This will aid the healing process, and ensure your body stays healthy and nourished. Completely avoid fast foods and junk food after acupuncture! Of course, eating nourishing foods should be the norm in our day-to-day lives.

Keep a Journal

Every person is different. Your body may react differently to acupuncture than other people’s bodies. It is, therefore, important that you keep a journal to record any changes in your sleeping pattern, appetite, bowel movement and energy levels so you can discuss them with your acupuncturist during your next visit.

Practice mindful breathing

Mindful breathing improves blood circulation, increases energy levels, detoxifies the body and relaxes the mind and body.  Mindful breathing after an acupuncture session can maximize acupuncture benefits. Focus your attention on your breathing. Breathe naturally-with your nose, instead of your mouth.

Drink plenty of water

One of the many goals of acupuncture is to detox the body. To get the most out of acupuncture sessions, it is important to drink lots of water after every treatment. Water flushes toxins from the body and can maximize the benefits of acupuncture.

What Not to do After an Acupuncture Treatment

Intense physical activity

After an acupuncture session, your body needs time to reset and recalibrate. Vigorous physical activity immediately after an acupuncture treatment can undo the effects of acupuncture. If you insist on exercising, engage in moderate physical activity such as walking, brisk walking or lawn mowing. You can do intense exercises such as running and skipping after a good night’s sleep

Using ice packs

One of the goals of acupuncture is to improve blood circulation. Using an ice pack after a session can be counterproductive, as an ice pack can reduce blood flow to the affected area. Instead apply heat while resting. Heat therapy improves blood flow to the targeted area and relieves inflammation. It is important that you maintain your body temperature after a treatment. Do not take a shower or go swimming for 12-24 hours after a session.

Getting a deep massage or manual therapy

There is no evidence to support the belief that a deep massage or manual therapy before or after an acupuncture treatment can enhance the effects of acupuncture. If you get a massage after an acupuncture session, your body system can become overwhelmed. No wonder many acupuncturists recommend waiting for a day or two after an acupuncture treatment to get a massage or manual therapy

Fighting sleepiness

If you feel sleepy after an acupuncture treatment, take a nap. A nap after an acupuncture session can help replenish the body’s energy reserves. It is not unusual for people to sleep more than 10 hours after an acupuncture session.

Consuming unhealthy foods

Acupuncture removes toxins from the body. Consuming unhealthy foods such as processed foods, sugary snacks or junk foods after an acupuncture treatment can be counterintuitive. Unhealthy foods have toxic additives, chemicals and preservatives that can undo the benefits of acupuncture.

After you finish a session with your chiropractor, it is important to then take care of your body. Next time you visit your clinician at Monarch Acupuncture, remember our list of what to avoid, and what to do afterwards to get the most out of your acupuncture treatments.

Monarch Acupuncture provides the highest quality acupuncture treatments in Contra Costa County. Our licensed professionals specialize in holistic whole-body wellness to ensure you feel your best whether it’s 5 minutes, or 5 days after your session. To book your appointment with one of our clinicians, visit our website today!