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How Acupuncture Increases Your Chances of Pregnancy

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For couples who are having difficulty conceiving, but still want to experience natural conception, acupuncture in Contra Costa County is a great alternative!  Acupuncture is quite unlike highly unnatural, invasive, and expensive hospital-based processes like IVR. It still has a demonstrated success rate in aiding pregnancy.

Newcomers to our clinic often wonder how it is that acupuncture can help them increase their chances of pregnancy.  It actually involves several different factors all coming together.

How Acupuncture In Contra Costa County Helps You

Acupuncture is fundamentally based on ancient Chinese medicine and philosophy involving the flow of the body’s energies – including matters such as blood flow and what we would later come to understand as the bioelectrical nervous system.  In short, pathways of the body’s energies can become blocked or clogged, and acupuncture is all about clearing those pathways.

When a woman’s body has the right energetic balances, it’s going to be healthier. And a healthy body is, of course, going to be more accepting of pregnancy.

That’s not all. Acupuncture is famous for its ability to help people de-stress and relax.  Stress is a major component in infertility issues for both men and women.  Many even believe that one reason hospital infertility treatments have such a spotty track record is that going through them is inherently stressful.  The cold, detached, clinical environment of a hospital works against the goal of keeping a couple feeling safe and relaxed.

In addition to this, an acupuncturist is also going to take a more active interest in the lives of patients.  Most acupuncturists are trained in other areas of traditional Chinese medicine, such as herbal medicine, and can offer further advice and help in creating the best possible opportunities for conception.

In short, acupuncture for pregnancy is effective because acupuncture is a multi-disciplinary practice that takes the “best of both worlds” from both traditional Chinese medicine, as well as modern scientific understanding. By combining the two, we can help you find the balances in mind and body that make conception possible.

Get Quality Acupuncture For Pregnancy In Contra Costa County

Monarch Acupuncture has years of experience and a great track record of helping couples conceive.  If you have had problems becoming pregnant, and want to avoid invasive hospital procedures, contact us today to set up an appointment!