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Answering Frequently Asked Questions About Acupuncture

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Are you curious about acupuncture in Walnut Creek?  If so, you’re not alone.  Acupuncture is booming in popularity, particularly among those who are looking for a safe and drug-free alternative to the commercialized health care model typically seen in American hospitals.  We’re getting more inquiries into our services than ever before!

So, we wanted to put together a quick FAQ covering some of the questions we often hear.  Hopefully, this covers your questions as well.

Five Frequently Asked Questions About Acupuncture in Walnut Creek

1 – Does acupuncture hurt?

Not at all!  We understand why people might think that, but basically the needles used are so thin that your body can barely feel them.  When properly done by a licensed acupuncturist, at most you’ll feel a sort of pressure at the point of insertion.

2 – How does acupuncture work?

This is a complicated topic, and modern science is still disentangling the biological facts from the folklore which has surrounded acupuncture for so long.  The short version is that acupuncture seems to stimulate the nervous system and, by extension, the brain.  This inspires better neurological response and improved immune system function.  It also relaxes the muscles, much like a massage, relieving bodily stress and increasing the beneficial effects.

3 – What do other doctors think about acupuncture?

It’s controversial, to be sure.  However, there’s a growing body of scientific evidence which supports acupuncture as a treatment – and we honestly believe that in the years to come, science will uncover more about how and why it works.  In the meantime, it’s increasingly common for acupuncturists to receive referrals from other doctors.  Oncologists, for example, will often recommend acupuncture as relief for patients undergoing chemotherapy.

4 – How long does an acupuncture session take?

This can vary depending on your acupuncturist and your physical condition, but sessions longer than an hour are quite rare.  Most are closer to half an hour.

5 – What happens if I fall asleep?

You get a relaxing nap!

Has your Acupuncture question been answered? If not, please don’t hesitate to contact us by filling out a form. We are happy to help.