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What are Acupuncture Points and How Do They Work? Part II

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There are hundreds, even thousands of acupuncture points that run throughout the body. Additionally, it has even been seen in modern CT scans that there are micro vessel cluster points that coincide with these points in the body. The top acupuncturist in Walnut Creek stimulates these acupuncture points with needles to correct blockages or imbalances in energy flow, and ultimately, helps in restoring health.

Locating the Acupuncture Points

To identify all of the acupuncture points, you can visit online resources that provide a full atlas of these points. Some of them include common names, but a specific ID system is also used to identify all of them. Although different systems have been used to denote acupuncture points, each point is generally identified with letters that designate the meridian on which it is located, and a number to indicate where it is positioned along the meridian.

Acupuncture points are numbered in a sequential order. However, the sequence may be at the farthest (most distal) point or the nearest (most proximal) point to the body center. For instance, the starting point for the numbering system of the meridian indicating the stomach, is close to the eye, and runs all the way down across the chest and abdomen. The meridian of the large intestine begins at the index finger, and runs up through the arm to the nose area. Thus, each meridian has many acupuncture points along its path, and correlates to a specific anatomical structure or point.

How Acupuncture Points Work?

No matter why and how they affect the body, the acupuncturists work with a number of different methods to activate each point. The most common method is the use and insertion of extremely fine, sterilized needles made of gold or stainless steel – the acupuncture needles that everyone is familiar with.

In addition to stainless steel and gold needles, an acupuncturist may also stimulate each point by applying direct pressure in various ways. He may apply pressure with the fingers or thumb – this is known as acupressure, or with friction, heat, direct application of electromagnetic energy impulses, or suction through the use of special cups, which is known as cupping.

Each method has its own specific purpose and benefit for the patient. And they all work under the same fundamental principles of Chinese medicine.

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