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How Acupuncture for Pregnancy in Contra Costa County Can Optimize Your Fertility

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Every year, more and more couples having difficulty conceiving are turning to acupuncture for fertility  in Contra Costa County.  Acupuncture and whole systems Chinese medicine (including customized herbal medicine, a nutrition plan and lifestyle coaching) are very effective for helping women conceive naturally, and this approach also works beautifully in conjunction with reproductive technology techniques like IUI and IVF.  More and more scientific research is surfacing showing the effects of acupuncture and herbal medicine for fertility–let’s take a look at some of the ways it can help you.

How Acupuncture for Fertility in Contra Costa County Works

1 – Reducing Stress

Stress is ubiquitous in our modern culture and it is a primary underlying cause behind a huge range of ailments.  When our bodies are in a low-grade, constant “fight or flight” mode–caused by poor diets, irregular sleep or overwork–the stress hormones we release essentially shut down (or mute) our reproductive capacity. It is as if the body receives the message, “it’s not safe right now to have a baby!” and we physiologically prevent conception from happening.

In many cases, the stress relief brought by acupuncture – by itself – is enough to help a couple overcome the problems preventing pregnancy.  It can be effective for both men and women in this way.

2 – Improving Blood Flow and Hormonal Balance

Much of the evidence-based research conducted on acupuncture shows that  treatments result in greatly improved blood flow, including the invigoration of microcirculation to the pelvic organs.  Accordingly, the endocrine glands will also show an improved response.

Better mirco-circulation doesn’t only increase the chances of healthy eggs and sperm, but it also improves the odds that a woman’s womb can implant and nourish a fertilized egg.

3 – Increasing Energy

Acupuncture -and all traditional Chinese medicine- is based on the idea that the body has a natural ebb and flow of energy within itself which is independent of any specific bodily systems like blood flow.  This subtle and powerful system has been practiced and refined for thousands of years, and modern research agrees by showing that Chinese medicine improves mitochondrial (energy) function of our body’s cells.

A body with superior energy flow will naturally be healthier, more responsive, and in better condition to create new life.

Optimize your fertility with help from Monarch Acupuncture

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