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Can Acupuncture Really Help Promote Weight Loss?

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Acupuncture, a very popular form of traditional Chinese medicine, is a needle-based alternative therapy that is used to treat myriad health conditions. But, did you know it is also used for weight loss? When it comes to losing weight, our practitioners are rooted in the principles of

self-compassion and moderation, and we use a whole systems approach to address mind, body, and spirit. We never suggest an extreme approach to anything, let alone weight loss, which we find so often accompanies with the difficult and courageous work of changing patterns and belief systems and attending to deeper emotional needs. We are here to support the full-spectrum of changing and shifting, not just the “quick fix” result. Here is what you can expect when you visit an acupuncturist in Walnut Creek.

Acupuncture for Weight Loss

According to a study published in the International Journal of Obesity in the year 2009, scientists analyzed over 3,000 participants who took part in 31 studies; and found that acupuncture helped in significant reduction of average body weight.

Though studies yield mixed results, acupuncturists and advocates of acupuncture believe that this form of medicine can aid in weight loss and help reverse obesity by:

  • Reducing appetite
  • Boosting metabolism
  • Lowering stress
  • Signaling the part of the brain that feels hunger

As per Chinese medicine, weight gain is caused due to body imbalance by a malfunctioning organ such as:

  • Spleen
  • Kidney
  • Endocrine system
  • Liver
  • Thyroid gland

Acupuncture treatments therefore commonly target these areas of the body. In certain cases, acupuncture practitioners also target or treat the ears to stimulate weight loss. It is believed that hunger pangs can be controlled to a great extent by manipulating certain points on the ear.

Typically, a licensed acupuncturist in Walnut Creek will first diagnose your unique constitution, and analyze your general health before selecting a number of acupuncture points which could vary from one person to another. Next, thin hair-like acupuncture needles are carefully inserted into these

points that could be on the body and/or on your outer ear. The acupuncture points on your body generally will include – Fenglong (St 40), Neiguan (P 6), Zusanli (St 36), Liangmen (St 21), Quchi (LI 11), Guanyuan (R4), and Tianshu (St 25). If the needles are used on your ear, they are generally inserted to a very shallow depth. Common ear acupuncture points include Spleen, Shenmen, Stomach, and Endocrine.

In certain cases, acupuncture may also use laser acupuncture or electro-acupuncture, stimulating these points gently using a metal probe instead of using acupuncture needles. Acupuncturists also use a pellet over certain acupuncture points on the ear. This is then held in place using a tape, and left in place for several days, and can be massaged to reduce hunger cravings.

If you are looking for a supportive team that can help you stay on the path of self-compassion and personal growth as you release the weight that no longer serves you, look no further than Monarch Acupuncture & Wellness. Our experienced acupuncturists will help you with the full spectrum, including nutritional consultation, mindfulness approaches to behavioral changes, herbal medicine, and targeted Western supplements. Contact us to book your appointment online and consult with the best acupuncturist specializing in women’s health, fertility, pregnancy and postpartum care, and more.