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How Acupuncture & Other Treatments Affect Fertility

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Are you trying to conceive? Perhaps you may have heard there are a host of different things that will increase your chances of conception but aren’t sure which ones are true. Monarch Acupuncture knows that there can be some conflicting information floating around, so we’re here to help.

Visiting your local Walnut Creek acupuncture for fertility specialist is one of several ways, let’s take a closer look at the rest.

3 Things that Affect Fertility

  1. Yoga

Stretching it out in the morning or evening can help keep you healthy and fertile. According to Yoga Journal, there are quite a few poses that can enhance fertility. Yoga also helps gives you peace of mind and lowers emotional stress, both of which can impact your body when trying to conceive. Poses that help energize your belly and abdominal area, like “frog lifting,” are most beneficial.

  1. Medication

If you’ve met with your doctor to discuss your troubles trying to conceive, he or she may have recommended taking medication, in addition to other tasks to increase fertility. Different types of medicine will increase ovulation and allow more eggs to be released during each cycle. In fact, studies show that medication coupled with other forms of natural treatment can help increase your chances of conceiving by 5-8%. It might seem like a small increase, but every little bit gets you closer to conception.

  1. Acupuncture

Another great way to boost your chances of conceiving a child is visiting your local Walnut Creek acupuncturist for fertility treatment. A program of acupuncture, coupled with herbal treatments and dietary supplements increases pelvic blood flow, sperm count, as well as the quality of your eggs. Once you do conceive, acupuncture can also provide relief from symptoms like morning sickness, headaches and swelling as well.

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