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How Acupuncture can help to Escape Cold during this Winter

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When the temperature begins to dip and winter is around the corner, it is likely that you will begin to feel tired and drained. If you do so, do not fret, as you are not alone! Do not resist if you feel tempted to nestle into your snug home (remove). According to acupuncturists in Walnut Creek, our bodies follow a similar rhythm to the world outdoors. Just as the plants shed their leaves and draw the resources close to the roots during winter, we tend to feel more reserved and low-energy during winters. But also, winter is the time of the year when our bodies are more prone to colds and other bugs.

So, how do you protect yourself from the common cold? According to oriental medicine, you’ll thrive best in the winter when you surrender a little — get extra rest, cozy up, limit your social commitments and focus on recharging your battery so you can generate vital energy – Qi. This will help you feel great, maintain a strong immune system, and be ready to “spring” forward in a few months with full vitality.

Connection between Winter and Acupuncture

The principles of acupuncture also suggest that each season is associated with a specific organ in our body. Winter is linked to the adrenal glands, kidneys, and the bladder. When these systems get taxed (usually by “overdoing” it with regards to working…or playing), our foundational energy gets frazzled and depleted and this can make us vulnerable to a myriad of illnesses such as cold and cough. No wonder, people are more prone to flu, cold, low vitality, poor circulation, and seasonal mood disorders.

The kidney system stores the Ming Men Fire, or, the foundational Qi in the body, and that fire can be put to use in stressful times (similar to the idea of stress hormones secreted by our adrenal glands, from a Western perspective). During winter, if we use all of our “fire” being in a constant “fight or flight” sympathetic nervous system mode (ex., stressing over holiday calendars, shopping, etc.!), this energy stored in the kidneys begins to get depleted. Form a natural perspective, the true principles of winter are eflection, rest, conservation, and storage.

Tips to Regain Energy during winter

Go to sleep earlier: Your acupuncturist in Walnut Creek will advise you to go to sleep early, and rise late after the sun’s rays have warmed the atmosphere. This will also help to preserve your own Yang Qi that helps to warm your body when the temperature dips. Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Getting moderate amounts of exercise each day will help to promote better sleep.

Eat for the season: It’s cold outside, so we should minimize our intake of both cold and raw foods during this season of the year. Put the big, raw salads to rest until next summer! Committing to 80%

of your diet being comprised of warm and warming foods like soups, stews, roasted vegetables, and warm spices like ginger and cinnamon, will keep you healthy during the winter. Also, drink healthy soups and eat whole grains that help to warm the core of your body and keep you nourished.

Consuming black beans, kidney beans, and root vegetables will also help to increase Kidney Qi. Other foods that you can include in your diet to improve Qi are walnuts, chestnuts, celery, asparagus, and cucumbers.

Nurture Energy Storage: During the 3 months of winter, all living beings should engage in activities that are in harmony with the season specific energies. While physical movement is necessary to circulate energy. Any acupuncturist in Walnut Creek will ask you to avoid perspiring excessively. This is because; sweat is seen as an escape of essential yang energy as per the Chinese medicine.

Therefore, avoid energy depleting activities. Instead, transition to seasonally appropriate activities such as yoga or long walks, which will give your body the movement it needs without overdoing it.

Winter is a great time to relax and bond up with your family. You can opt for seasonal acupuncture treatment at Monarch Acupuncture & Wellness to nourish and nurture your Qi, which in turn will improve your immunity and increase vitality. To know more contact us at by filling out a form.