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Five Theories of Acupuncture from Our Acupuncturist in Walnut Creek

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By understanding more on the unique concepts of acupuncture, you can choose a service that is customized according to your wellness requirements. Monarch Acupuncture has a wealth of experience in this field and in this post, we’ll present the five theories of acupuncture from a trusted acupuncturist in Walnut Creek.

  1. The Endorphin Theory

The Endorphin Theory is that acupuncture stimulates the secretion of endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkiller and considered 1,000 times stronger than morphine. It’s part of the reason that acupuncture is known as a leading pain-reduction option.

  1. The Neurotransmitter Theory

The Neurotransmitter Theory is that undergoing treatment with an acupuncturist in Walnut Creek can help to enhance the level of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and adrenalin in the body. The evidence for this theory is that acupuncture has been used successfully in treating depression and other conditions.

  1. The Circulatory Theory

The Circulatory Theory is that acupuncture helps constrict and dilate blood vessels, due to the body’s release of vasodilators such as histamine. The theory is evidenced by the way in which acupuncture is used to treat sports injuries and other forms of damage to the body.

  1. The Augmentation Theory

The Augmentation Theory is that acupuncture raises the levels of white blood cells and antibodies in the body, and thereby helps mitigate disorders related to immune function. Acupuncture helps prevent diseases and improve the conditions of those with immune system-related disorders.

  1. The Gate Control Theory

The Gate Control Theory states that pain signals must make their way past specific gates as they make their way from the injured area to the pain centers in the brain. The theory is that acupuncture interrupts these signals and limits the pain of the patient in the process. It can be highlighted by the way in which acupuncture has been used as an anesthetic in Eastern medicine and in trials across the United States.

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