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Can Bell’s Palsy Be Treated Effectively With Acupuncture?

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One can identify Bell’s Palsy or Acute Peripheral Facial Palsy by sudden weakness on one side of the face. It can occur at any age and is caused by some trauma to the protective covering of the seventh cranial nerve or the facial nerve.

We do not know precisely why this happens. Many experts believe that certain viruses such as the herpes virus, mumps virus, chickenpox, and shingles virus can inflame the nerves.

The condition most commonly affects people with migraine, diabetes, or upper respiratory diseases. Bell’s Palsy impairs a person’s ability to drink, speak, and eat, seriously affecting their quality of life.

In most cases, symptoms of Bell’s Palsy suddenly appear. A person may wake up one morning and find that they cannot control one side of their face. When they experience Bell’s Palsy symptoms, many people fear they are having a stroke.

In Bell’s Palsy, only the facial muscles are affected, whereas a stroke causes muscle weakness in every part of the body, including the face. Some other symptoms include drooling, headache, and increased sensitivity to sound.

Many people with Bell’s Palsy are now turning to acupuncture. Studies suggest that this ancient Chinese practice may be useful in treating and managing Bell’s Palsy.

Many experts believe that stress can damage the facial nerve causing facial paralysis. Acupuncture promotes the effective functioning of the nervous system and alleviates stress.

A study involving people with Bell’s Palsy reported improved symptoms after six months of increased intensity acupuncture.

Researchers noted that 90 percent of the patients who received acupuncture with active simulation recovered within six months compared to 71 percent of the subjects treated with acupuncture without active stimulation.

TCM practitioners believe Qi deficiency to be the root of all disorders, including Bell’s Palsy. Acupuncturists in Contra Costa County are trained to insert paper-thin needles into specific points on their patients’ bodies to promote blood circulation throughout the face.

Even celebrities swear by acupuncture. In 2013, singer Carnie Wilson who was suffering from Bell’s Palsy took to Twitter to announce that she was using acupuncture to good effect.

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