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Acupuncture, IVF, and Pregnancy Care

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The 21st century has witnessed a huge cultural shift, be it in art, fashion, music, or film. One of the most underrated shifts that is often taken for granted is the global shift in healthcare. Alternative medicine continues to make its mark even after being overshadowed by western medicine for centuries. The gradual acceptance of alternative medicines like acupuncture is a fantastic sign in improving holistic health.

Acupuncture in An Established Practice

Acupuncture is a Traditional Chinese Medicine procedure that has proven itself to be one of the most sought-after alternative medications. Though primarily employed as a pain-relieving mechanism, it has found its uses in a wide variety of areas. One such field is Pregnancy.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

IVF (or in vitro fertilization) is an exceptional discovery of the 20th century that has completely revolutionized the concept of fertilization in humans.It is a process that has found its footing and momentum in the world of pregnancy in the current century with its high success rates for couples having difficult conceiving.

Pregnancy Care

From every step of a woman’s pregnancy, there is a suitable level of acupuncture treatment to help relieve common ailments created by pregnancy. Pregnancy health plays a significant role in ensuring the mother and the baby’s healthiness.

Acupuncture, IVF, and Pregnancy are interconnected. There’s no doubting that. Let’s review 3 specific relationships between these items to understand their relationship to one another.

  • IVF and pregnancy care come hand in hand if you’re eyeing an alternative way of fertilization or are having difficulty conceiving naturally. IVF can also be beneficial for couples who are looking for a surrogate mother for their baby.
  • Studies find that IVF complemented with acupuncture has accentuated the chances of having a baby. The IVF cycle is positively affected when combined with regular acupuncture sessions. So much so that acupuncture is a recognized method of helping a woman become pregnant while also offering a whole host of other benefits.
  • The third relationship is between acupuncture and pregnancy care. Acupuncture has proven itself to be a boon for women postpartum. It can alleviate postpartum-induced nausea and pain, pain during labor, breast tenderness, and discomfort after surgical births. Acupuncture can help you overcome it and speed up your recovery.

It is not uncommon to hear that some women still second guess treatment from acupuncture when trying to become pregnant. However, acupuncture is shown to help in conception while also enhancing your physical and mental health. The best acupunctural service you can get is in Walnut Creek, Contra Costa County. Contact us through the form on our site to schedule an appointment.