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Where Can I Get Acupuncture in Walnut Creek?

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Where Can I Get Acupuncture in Walnut Creek?

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Have you been poking around and trying to find an acupuncturist to assist you with your health and wellness goals? At Monarch Acupuncture, our specialty and passion is women’s health. We provide acupuncture and a variety of other services that are designed to help women through all stages of their life, including pre-conception, pregnancy, post-partum care, and menopause. Women have unique health needs and acupuncture is a comprehensive holistic treatment that not only addresses your symptoms, but influences the root causes of your discomforts.

Women’s Health

“Women’s health” is a large umbrella term that encompasses many facets of physiology. In addition to general health care, such as blood pressure, normal weight, and cardiovascular health, women must also contend with their (amazing and powerful!) constantly evolving hormone levels, the epic journey of fertility and pregnancy, and the long-term proper care of their reproductive systems. As a woman ages, her body continues to unfold and blossom in new iterations of itself. As women, when we are not aligned with the continually shifting needs of our incredibly creative bodies, we start to feel dis-ease such as PMS, menstrual irregularities, mood changes and peri-menopausal symptoms. Although these symptoms are common, they are not normal. When you collaborate with a holistic professional who understands the root cause of these “body messages,” you can attend to the causes, rather than just masking the symptoms. Working with an acupuncturist is an ideal way to keep your body in balance as it moves through the many phases of life.


For some women, fertility isn’t something that comes easily. Hormone fluctuations, the development of cysts and fibroids, and genetics can all play a role in whether a woman can conceive and carry a child. Acupuncture can be effectively used to help improve hormone balance within the body and create an environment that makes it easier for the woman to conceive. Our approach to fertility optimization includes acupuncture, herbal medicine, lifestyle and nutrition counseling, and targeted supplements. When women address all the different factors (such as diet, stress and sleep) that powerfully affect fertility, they increase their chances of conceiving and carrying a healthy pregnancy to term. When it comes to fertility, maintaining balance in the body is essential and acupuncture can help.

Pregnancy and Post-Partum Care

Chronic back pain, morning sickness system, pain in the hips, and swollen feet and ankles are just a few of the unpleasant factors of pregnancy. Acupuncture has been used for centuries to relieve many of these uncomfortable symptoms and allow women to enjoy the experience of nurturing a new life. The body goes through many dramatic changes as the baby grows and must adjust to a new healthy baseline normal after delivery. The postpartum time brings substantial fluctuations in hormones, and acupuncture and herbal medicine are tremendous allies for re-establishing normal hormone levels as efficiently as possible in the “fourth trimester.”

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Contact Monarch Acupuncture if you live in the Walnut Creek or surrounding areas and are looking for an acupuncturist who specializes in women’s health. Email us at or contact us by filling out a form at to learn the benefits of acupuncture and how it can help you maintain good health and well-being.